About Our Rebranding

Moving On From California Eye And Ear

Q. What is this changeover to Acuity? Why are you changing your name?

A. Because we're growing.

Recently, we decided to take our company in a new direction. Founded ten years ago, the Retina Institute and its affiliates have seen sustained and steady growth throughout the state of California. As we looked to expand further, the next step in our journey was to create a company name and logo that would encompass the evolution of our company as well as its culture.

Q. Why did you decide on the name "Acuity?" What does that mean?

A. It embodies who we are and who we are hoping to be.

"Acuity" is defined as "keenness of perception." It also means, "the ability to see, hear, or understand something easily." The connection to this word in eye care is obvious, and changing the lives of our patients by improving their vision has been the cornerstone of our business. However, "Acuity" can also apply to having a sharp, united vision in our strategic mission: To become the premier provider of eye care throughout the country.

Q. How will this change affect me and other patients?

A. Expect a more streamlined experience.

Meanwhile, everything that brought us this far- efficient, friendly service and the best possible doctors- will continue under this new name.

We are excited to move forward. Thank you for your support in this journey.

Our Mission

Our Vision Is Your Vision

Enhance the lives of our patients, our ophthalmologists, our optometrists and our employees by providing comprehensive eye care to all patients in need.

Core Values


We put patients first. Always.


We follow through on our commitments.


We play full out, support one another, and never say, "it's not my job."


We're never satisfied. We take every opportunity to learn and grow.


"The buck stops with me" is our attitutde in every situation.


We spend a lot of time at work. We enjoy our time here, and let it shine through to our patients.